The surprise wisdom tooth removal made for a pretty exciting day. It was my very first time getting a tooth pulled, and nine hours later the only pain is when I yawn. I feel like a champ and hope this isn’t one of those “it gets worse before it gets better” deals.

The general reaction from friends and family is one of shock an awe that the tooth came out whole. My skee-ball teammate Rachel is a jeweler and wants to make a ring or pendant with the tooth, which is AWESOME. What do you think, ring or pendant?

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  3. misfittoys answered: I meant to tell you when you first posted about this- get yourself some pineapple juice! Seriously. It soothes and cleans the wound
  4. yourfuckingfantasy answered: make a necklace out of it. i got all 4 of mine taken out and the day of it didn’t hurt, as of today im in only a LITTLE bit of pain…… :s
  5. rutabagaparsnip answered: Pendant!
  6. marjoree said: Wow — looks great bleached! But — I wonder if you could not paint it, but somehow tint it. Would be cool.
  7. mortalhusk answered: Pendant shows more of it off, I’d say. (:
  8. hullabawoot answered: ooh…i’d be partial to pendant, but only because i lose rings. awesome!
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